The way we work

All our courses are set-up to work in a similar fashion

  1. We invoice you the booking fee payment and once paid, the date is confirmed
  2. You then receive a home study manual which you work through
  3. Once you have read the manual a few times, you contact your trainer and ask for the home study questionnaire, which needs to be completed in Word on the document provided and returned to the trainer at least 4 working days prior to the practical training day(s)
  4. The final amount of the course is paid direct to the tutor 14 days prior to the start date of the course
  5. 95% of the training day(s) dedicated to practical training
  6. After the training course, you will need to complete and submit case studies.  We provide you with Word template and the case studies need to be submitted as Word.  We cannot accept them in any other format
  7. Once your case studies have been approved, you will receive a certificate request form to complete and once received, you will see an electronic certificate

We can provide 1-2-1 training but the tutor’s payment will be increased by 25%

Certificate based on achievement and not JUST attendance

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