In today's digital world, I believe that having a website for your clinic is a critical component of giving clients instant access to information about your salon, special expertise on the products and services you offer.

I know some of you forgo a website in favour of Facebook.  However, a couple of months ago the system crashed I think it is safe to say that hasn't fully recovered.  God forbid Facebook ever crashes completely on all of your business derived from that one source, you have potentially lost your clients.  That is why I am always stressing Facebook should be used to direct clients to your website and to sign up to your mailing list, bearing in mind when we asked for information to include them on the mailing list, we should be asking the bare minimum (first name add email address).

An informative and interactive website with the right updated content will position your clinic as been committed to delivering the highest level of client care and education.  Clients today go online more than ever to research and gather knowledge about health and well-being.  By having a website that can be easily found on search engines with relevant, consumer friendly content, you can stand out against your competitors and consistently attract new clients.

Basic search engine optimisation strategies can go a long way toward increasing the visibility of your website.  By customising your site with the specific products and treatments you offer, coupled with compelling before and after images, clients will be able to find out what they're looking for in a few clicks and make informed decisions regarding their own treatment.

I feel you need to design or update your site with fresh content on a regular basis.  Google has stated those sites with regular updated relevant content will feature higher than those stagnant websites.  So what does frequently mean?  Monthly for some categories and weekly or biweekly for special offers, blog posts, events etc. 

Create and inviting, aesthetically pleasing site that uses proven strategies people are seeking such as:

  • photo gallery
  • blogs
  • special promotions
  • downloadable educational files
  • price lists
  • brochures


Web/digital marketing is the most effective, efficient and affordable means of driving clients to your clinic ….. as long as it is done well and consistently; providing you with the best return on investment over any other marketing strategies.


Staying on Brand

I put it to you that having an updated and optimised website should be seen as a mandatory initiative for all  successful clinics, and your website should be created to reflect the personality and positioning of your clinic.  Clients are searching for local businesses online so your site should be optimised search engine pick up.  If it isn't, only people searching for you by name are likely to find your clinic online.


Think Mobile Friendly

With the advent of advanced mobile devices becoming a fact of life across all demographics, it is extremely important that your website is searchable and viewable on mobile platforms.

It's important that the website is readable on thumb friendly mobile platforms and it needs to be easy to navigate, clickable and legible on a tiny screen.

Since the screen size of a mobile phone or tablet is small, the scope of content that can be displayed is limited. 


Above The Fold

The top of the landing page of any website contains the most valuable sales pitch.

You have only 3 seconds to convince visitors that your site is worth anymore of their time.  Therefore, the look and feel of your site should create the desired effect.

The landing page should contain words or pictures that are already on the minds of your target audience, and it should deliver on any promises made.

The top of the landing page should contain the most important details .  Tell visitors who you are, what you do, where you are located and how to reach you including phone number, email link and possibly online diary to book an appointment.


Key elements of a great landing page

  • clinic credentials
  • location
  • call to action (email, phone, book an appointment online)
  • client testimonials
  • trust symbols (brands, affiliations, awards
  • bios and photos of your staff
  • Google Map - how to find you
  • key services - what do you offer
  • photo gallery
  • all social buttons


Google Analytics

Google Analytics on your website gives you invaluable insights

Yesterday I ran the analysis and in the last 5 days:


  • I have had 480 visitors to my website, who spend an average of 2 mins on the site and on average have visited it 1.3 times and view an average of 3 pages


  • 88%  viewed the site on mobile devices
  • I can see which pages within the website people are seeing
  • For some reason (I know why) a fifth of my visits come from the US (mainly Chicago – for a good reason)
  • In the UK I can see which county people are viewing the site
  • >50% of visits are <35 years of age
  • 54% are male??
  • I can even drill down to their special interests


This is just a snippet of the information you can gather from Google Analytics and the data can be used to drive your website forward