Facial Courses


An add-on treatment to dermaplaning which gives the treatment every more of a wow factor.  This treatment will:

  • Speed up the skin regeneration process

  • Speed up production of collagen

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines

  • Reduce appearance of pigmentation

  • Even out skin tone and blemishes

  • Improve skin firmness

  • Fight against free radicals

  • Nourishing & hydrate

Cost Per Treatment: £2.58 (but as you should be using a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF anyway, the actual cost is £1.86

Treatment Time: 20 minutes

Suggested Treatment Price: £20+


Before and after photos are included at the end of the information


Cost: £125 (or £100 if trained in dermaplaning with Jane Bryan Beauty Training) for live video training

  • In addition you will require your starter it which is £85.05 (see details below)


Pre-Requisites: Facial and dermaplaning qualification

Course Length: 1½ hours via Live Video

Starter kit @ £85.05 is required and will be invoiced separately by the distributor and includes:

  • 250ml All Day Cleanse & Peel

  • 30ml Caviar Peel

  • 250ml Caviar Liquid Mask

  • 50ml Caviar Repair

  • 30ml All Day Shield


Certificate of attendance provided after the course

Before & After Results based on one treatment: