Facial Courses


An add-on treatment to dermaplaning which gives the treatment every more of a wow factor.  This treatment will:

  • Speed up the skin regeneration process

  • Speed up production of collagen

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines

  • Reduce appearance of pigmentation

  • Even out skin tone and blemishes

  • Improve skin firmness

  • Fight against free radicals

  • Nourishing & hydrate

Cost Per Treatment: £1.27 (but as you should be using a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF anyway, the actual cost is just over £1

Treatment Time: 20 minutes

Suggested Treatment Price: £20+


Before and after photos are included at the end of the information



If you have been trained by us on dermaplaning: £140, including booking fee of £65

If you have not been trained by us on dermaplaning: £170, including booking fee of £65

In addition you will require your starter it which is £130.50 + postage + VAT (see details below)


Pre-Requisites: Facial and dermaplaning qualification

Course Length: 1½ hours via Live Video + video of treatment routine provided after training.  If you would like dates or have further information please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Starter kit @ £130.50 + postge + VAT is required and will be invoiced separately by the distributor and includes:

  • 100g Ultim Eyes & Lips Cleanser

  • 100g Enzyme Powder Cleanse & Peel

  • 30ml Caviar Peel

  • 250ml Caviar Liquid Mask

  • 200ml Caviar Repair Cream 

  • 200ml All Day Shield

Accredited by: ThinkTree

CPD Points: 5

Before & After Results based on one treatment: