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Based on Dr Des Fernandes, founder of Environ Skincare, Skin Analysis book.

Complex and scientific textbooks are available but they can make skin analysis difficult to understand.  This simple Skin Analysis System is an online platform for therapists who really want to make a difference to their client's skin to enable you to come an effective and sought-after skincare profession  Please note, you don't have to be an Environ stockist.

The system guides you through a Skin Analysis Funnel, giving detailed information on how to identify:

  • Skin groups
  • Skin types
  • Skin conditions

and more

The platform interprets all the information and provides an action plan for ingredients and recommended treatments.

It covers a very detailed consultation form, which you have access to print out, with super tips from Dr Des Fernandes.

Skin analysis tools are discussed and how to use them, as well as how to create perfect before and after photos of your clients.

You also have access to a library full of information on ingredients and treatments, as well as online access to Dr Des's Vitamin A book.

How does the system differ from the book?

•The online version calculates which products  the client should have which cannot be done with the book

•This is also Dr Des’s professional recommendation as he provided the data for the calculation of the algorithm which is quite a powerful thing to use when selling

•The online version links the books and papers in the Library so that if a tough question comes up in an appointment, the answers are at your fingertips

•Not everybody wants to have paper these days. This is the paperless version of a Client Record Card which means that it is easier to comply with data protection rules, easier to store if space is short, easier to retrieve in a hurry and it will never get lost for any reason (fire, flood, theft, human error etc). 

•Therapists have told us that they feel much safer knowing their records, containing such personal data, are safe online and not in a cupboard.

•Customers can see their own records, involving the client in her skin care journey

•When you do a remote consultation you can share the screen with the client to ensure accuracy

•The 'email to the customer' feature is automatic, saves time, and means that the therapist is protected from a client who fails to provide all the relevant information and then sues for something that goes wrong (which can have insurance implications)


Cost: £100 + VAT  (which includes download of Dr Des's Skincare Ingredients book)

CPD Points: 5 on successful passing of questionnaire following completion of your training

Accredited by: ThinkTree


You can also upgrade to the full system (see below) at a lifestime discounted rate