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Multi-platform 1 machine; the Cell Ultimate machine is part of the Koreesamed line of quality devices that are affordable, reliable, and are available with ongoing support and future service contracts.

This non-surgical stand alone multi-platform machine designed for the beauty and aesthetic market allows the flexibility to create customisable treatments. Excellent results have been achieved with this device using good quality and safe products.

The Cell Ultimate machine provides noticeable results after just one session, with long term results achieved over a course of treatments and combined therapies. There is no risk to the client or the skin when the machine is used correctly. 

Cell Ultimate treatments do not produce any downtime, therefore the client can immediately return to daily activities post treatment.

Sessions can be customised and adapted over a treatment plan, allowing for flexibility based on each clients needs and specific skin response post treatment. 

CEll Ultimate is suitable for teens up to older clients, and therefore offers a wide catchment of customers seeking both corrective and general beauty results.

The machine offers 7 technologies in one system to ensure a complete personalised approach to your clients needs.

  • High speed needle-free meso Jet with TDA injection technology

  • H2 02 Hydro-dermabrasion

  • Ultrasonic spatula

  • Ultrasound

  • Multipolar RF

  • EMS (muscle toning)

  • Cryotherapy

  • Pause / restart switch on each individual probe

  • 10.4-inch colour LDC touch screen for ease of use

  • CE Certified & tested 

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  • finance available


Cost of training 

  • £550 for one student, including a booking fee of £230

  • 2nd student: £410, including booking fee of £180

  • 3rd+ student: £345, including booking fee of £160


Pre-Requisites: Facial qualification

Course Length: 1 day

Course Content & Learning Outcomes: 

  • Cell Ultimate Machine & Functions

  • Treatment Profit

  • A&P Refresher: Structure & Function of the Skin

  • The Skin

    • Factors affecting the skin

    • Ethnicity

    • Male skin

    • Skin type characteristics 

    • Spots/acne

    • Ageing skin

  • Consultations
    • Clarifying expectations

    • History and inspection

    • Key points for consultation

    • Photographs

    • Contraindications

    • Consultation Form

  • Skin disorders

  • How to carry out skin analysis

  • Equipment/products needed

  • Treatment protocol

  • Treatment frequency

  • Example treatment combinations

  • Recommended treatment products

  • Example mesotherapy protocols


Course Structure:

  • Home Study (6 guided learning hours)

  • 1 day practical

  • 3 case studies to be completed before certification


If you have a facial qualification AND radio frequency qualification, this course can be done via Live Video Training and will be recognised by at least Holistic Insurance and Balens.  For further information or to enquire about dates for training, please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Home Study (6 guided learning hours)

  • Live video training

  • 3 case studies to be completed and a final video assessment to be completed before certification


Awarding Body: ThinkTree

CPD Points: 10


Venues: This course is available at:

  • In-house training

  • SPAIN (nr Albox, Almeria)