LEVEL 1: Microblading Course

Microblading eyebrows is a form of permanent makeup. It is known by many names, including brow embroidery, blading, feather stroke brows etc.  Microblading creates natural beautiful brows with a handheld tool consisting of a blade and a hand piece.  

It is perfect for all clients, whether they have overplucked or just want to add definition.  Microblading, due to its natural look is perfect for all ages from 18 years+.


Cost: £2,000,  including starter kit and 3 practical days of  training.  This price includes booking fee of £400, with the remaining due 14 days prior to the course (paid direct to your trainer)


Pre-Requisites: Facials & Skincare

Course Length: 6 days (3 days practical)


Course Content & Learning Outcomes

  • History
  • Benefits
  • Durability
  • Treatment room set-up
    • Work area
    • Equipment needed
    • Sterilisation and disinfecting
    • Hand washing - no touch technique
  • Legislation Requirements
    •  Special treatment license
    • Guidance documents
    • Risk assessment
    • Special waste disposal
    • First aid
    • Insurance
  • Relevant A&P
    • Skin types
    • Skin disorders
    • Wound healing process
  • Skin tones & Colour Theory
  • Pigments
  • Pain control
  • Consultations
  • Equipment and blades
  • Treatment protocol


Course Structure:

  • Home Study (2 days guided learning)
  • 3 days practical
  • 6 Case Studies
  • 1final assessment


Awarding Body: Towergate & approved with ThinkTree 


Starter kit including in course fee contains:

  • Flex curve Blades (12s) x10
  • Hand piece x10
  • Pigment Rings x10
  • Micro brushes x20
  • Callipers x1
  • Eyebrow pencils: brown and white
  • Normasol Saline x10
  • Wound care packs x10 (Gauze, sterile trolley pack, orange waste bag, gloves)
  • Face masks x10
  • Clinell clinical wipes x1 pack
  • Aftercare product: Vaseline x1 (We find Vaseline + sterile wiping every hour 24 hours after the treatment to remove lymph build-up is best.  Potentially avoids scabbing and provides best colour retention)
  • Disposable plastic aprons x10
  • Pigments (x3) Colours include: dark toffee, cappuccino, navarjo brown,7ml sizes



  • Northern Ireland (Derry)
  • Yorkshire (Wakefield)
  • SPAIN (nr Albox, Almeria) - supplement of £200