Cost: £275, including booking fee of £115
Pre-Requisites: None
Course Length: 1 day

Course Content & Learning Outcomes: 

  • Crystals
    • History
    • What crystals are
    • How crystals are formed
    • How crystals are mined
    • What crystals have in common
    • Fashion
    • Crystal healing session
    • Benefits
  • Chakras
    • Chakras today
    • Chakra imagery
    • Physical correspondences
    • Colour chakra stones
    • Physical problems when chakras out of balance
    • Working with chakras
  • Aura
    • Layers of the Aura
  • Crystal Colours, Shapes & Groups
    • Working with Crystals
    • Selecting
    • Sensations
    • Cleansing
    • Programming
    • Working with crystals
  • Getting to know your Crystals
  • Client Consultations
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety
  • Preparation
    • Opening Palm Chakras
    • Grounding/Earth Star Chakra
    • Centering
    • Shielding
    • Asking a crystal to with you
    • Attuning
    • Deprogramming
  • Examples of Crystal Healing Grids
  • Meditation Scripts
  • Directory of Crystals

Course Structure:

  • Home Study (2 days guided learning hours)
  • 1 day practical
  • 5 case studies

Awarding Body: ThinkTree 

If you have Level 3 A&P, this course can be done via Live Video Training and will be recognised by at least Holistic Insurance or Balens.  For further information or to enquire about live video training, please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Awarding Body: ThinkTree

  • Home Study (1 days guided learning hours)
  • Live video training
  • 4 case studies to be completed and a final video assessment to be completed before certification

This course is available at:

  • Essex (Ongar)
  • Hampshire (Portsmouth)
  • Wales (Bangor & Cardiff)
  • Yorkshire (Wakefield)
  • SPAIN (nr Albox, Almeria)

In-house training available

This course is also available on our online learning platform with Zoom observation at a cost of £250.  For further information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.