Cost: £295, including booking fee of £115
Pre-Requisites: Reflexology Qualification
Course length: 1 day

What is maternity reflexology?

Maternity Reflexology is simply reflexology used to nurture a Pregnant woman and her baby on a physical, emotional and spiritual level from Pre-conception, throughout the Pregnancy, the Birth itself and during the Postnatal Period.

It is an ancient natural therapy which uses subtle energies of the feet to balance and harmonise the entire being, leading to health and well-being. It is based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands which correspond to all the organs, systems and parts of the body. When these points are stimulated, tension is eased, nerve and blood supply is increased and the body's own healing potential is activated.

Course Content & Learning Outcomes: 

  • Brief History of Reflexology
  • What is Maternity Reflexology
  • Use of Reflexology during Pre-conception, Miscarriage and Pregnancy
  • Benefits of Pre-conception Reflexology
  • Benefits of Reflexology after a Miscarriage
  • Benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology
  • Use of Reflexology to assist Labour and its benefits
  • Use of Reflexology Post-Natal and its benefits
  • Client Consultations
  • Hygiene & Health & Safety
  • Industry Regulations, Code of Practice
  • Professional Ethics, Data Protection, Client Confidentiality
  • Insurance of therapists delivering Maternity Reflexology
  • Risk Assessment
  • Marketing
  • Anatomy & Physiology relevant to this treatment
  • The different Reflexology treatments and routines before, during and after Pregnancy

Course Structure:

  • Home Study (3 days guided learning)
  • 1 day practical
  • 5 case studies
  • Final assessment

Awarding Body: ABT

This course is run by ZJB Training  
ZJB Training

This course is available at:

  • Hampshire (Portsmouth)
  • Leicestershire (LFE)*
  • SPAIN (nr Albox, Almeria)
  • In-house training available