Jane Bryan Beauty Training

Jane Bryan Beauty Training

Empowering your beauty career with  Excellence

At Jane Bryan Beauty Training, we're dedicated not just to imparting skills, but to crafting futures in the beauty industry.   Our trainers are not only educators but also seasoned working therapists, equipped with real-world insights and a profound understanding of the industry's dynamics. This combination of hands-on experience and educational expertise allows us to provide unmatched beauty therapy training  that  prepares you for comprehensively for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Diverse course offerings for every Aspiration

We proudly offer a range of beauty courses tailored to meet your specific educational needs.

CPD Courses Accredited by ThinkTree: Stay at the forefront of the beauty industry with our CPD courses.  These courses are designed to keep you updated with the latest techniques and practices, ensuring your skills remain on the cutting edge. Accredited by ThinkTree, they not only enhance your offering but also enrich your professional journey with quality and integrity.

Ofqual regulated courses in Partnership with Focus Awards: For those seeking formal recognition, our Ofqual regulated beauty  courses offer nationally recognised qualifications. Through our partnership with Focus Awards, these courses meet the rigorous standards set by the Office of Qualifications and  Examinations Regulation, ensuring your qualifications are respected and valued across the beauty sector.

Tailored training for unparalleled Success

Our commitment to your success drives us to offer a comprehensive array of courses suited for every stage of your beauty career.  From  introductory  courses to advanced training, each course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and confidence to excel. Our passionate trainers provide ongoing support and mentorship, guiding you long after your courses conclude.

A commitment to quality and personalised Attention

Quality education is the cornerstone of Jane Bryan Beauty Training. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of teaching, ensuring that each student receives the best possible training. Our focus on small groups and, when necessary, one-on-one sessions, ensures personalised attention and a learning experience tailored to your individual needs.

Hands-On Practical Training

At Jane Bryan Beauty Training, we champion a ‘learn-by-doing philosophy’ in our beauty courses. Each course is meticulously designed with a robust emphasis on practical beauty training, setting us apart from other training programmes that may prioritise theoretical knowledge over real-world practice. Our unique educational approach ensures that theoretical learning is completed at home, freeing up classroom time for intensive, hands-on beauty training.

Experience with multiple models

During your practical training, you'll gain invaluable experience by working with a wide array of models. This exposure to numerous models, across various scenarios and client types, offers a comprehensive learning experience not commonly found in other beauty academies. Such diversity in training prepares you to adeptly handle the complexities of real-world beauty treatments, equipping you with the confidence and skills needed for professional success.

Reinforcing learning through Case Studies

Following your practical training, you'll engage in detailed case studies. These are designed to reinforce and cement your learnings, allowing you to reflect on and apply what you've absorbed during your hands-on training. This step ensures that you integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills effectively.

Ongoing support from Expert Beauty  Tutors

Completing your course is just the beginning, not the end, of your  journey with us.  Your tutor, who becomes a lifelong mentor, will continue to offer you guidance and advice on the specific beauty treatment modalities you've learned with us. This ongoing support is crucial in helping you navigate your career in the beauty industry with confidence and growing expertise.

Jane Bryan Beauty Training

Comprehensive Beauty Education in one location

At Jane Bryan Beauty Training, our aim is to provide the most comprehensive and diverse beauty training courses available. Why travel across the country for multiple courses when you can receive all your training in one convenient location?

Internationally Accredited Beauty Courses through ThinkTree Education,  ensuring global recognition and standards. The majority of our courses are also approved by Towergate Health & Beauty, which not only enables you to practice professionally anywhere in the world but also helps you secure the necessary professional insurance with ease.

Flexible Training Option

Our skilled trainers can offer onsite beauty training as well as training at their own dedicated venues, providing flexibility and convenience to meet your educational needs. Whether you’re looking to start a new career in beauty therapy, enhance your existing skills, or gain specialised knowledge in areas like skincare,  electrical treatments etc., our versatile training programmes are designed to cater to every aspect of beauty education.

Why choose Jane Bryan Beauty Training?

Award-Winning Beauty Education by Jane Bryan Beauty Training

As an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning leader in beauty education, we’ve been setting the highest standards in the industry for over 15 years. Our courses are designed not just to educate but to transform careers, making us a top choice for aspiring beauty professionals worldwide.

Our passionate beauty tutors, who are also practicing therapists, are strategically located across the UK, Ireland, Spain, and New Zealand. They bring invaluable, real-world experience to our comprehensive  training programmes, enriching the learning process with practical knowledge and current industry practices. This blend of international expertise and practical training ensures that our students are well-prepared to excel in the ever-evolving world of beauty.

Dedicated Mentoring & Professional Support at Jane Bryan Beauty Training

At Jane Bryan Beauty Training, our commitment extends beyond delivering a diverse array of beauty courses. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive mentoring and support to every student who joins our community.

This commitment to ongoing guidance helps ensure that our students not only succeed in completing their courses but also thrive in their subsequent beauty careers.

Our approach to student support is reflected in our 5-star testimonials, a testament to the excellence and effectiveness of our beauty education programmes.

Personalised attention in Beauty Training

At Jane Bryan Beauty Training, our commitment to excellence is showcased through our meticulously crafted training manuals and educational materials. These resources set us apart and are a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Coupled with our small class sizes, which sometimes offer one-to-one sessions, we ensure personalised attention for every student. This tailored approach helps maximize learning outcomes and provides a supportive, focused training environment.

We are proud pioneers in the beauty education sector, having been among the first academies to implement case studies in our curriculum. This innovative approach means that throughout your learning journey, you'll be thoroughly assessed, ensuring that you gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are crucial in the beauty industry.

Comprehensive beauty training with a Blended Approach

At Jane Bryan Beauty Training, we take a holistic approach to beauty education. Our blended learning model allows you to study theory at home, ensuring you grasp the fundamental concepts before diving into our intense practical training sessions. This combination of self-paced learning and hands-on experience ensures competency and prepares you for success in the beauty industry.

Our Achievements

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