On this course you will learn how to perform a Tibetan Sound Healing & Crystal Facial Therapy using Singing Bowls, Tibetan Chimes and Tuning Forks on the Chakra System and facial Acupressure points. Tibetan Quartz Crystals are also used to perform a relaxing non-surgical face lift massage

Cost: £295, including booking fee of £110
Pre-Requisites: None
Course Length: 1 day


What is Tibetan Sound Healing & Crystal Facial?

Tibetan Sound Healing & Crystal Facial is an extremely effective treatment.  It's an amazing healing and relaxing treatment that draws on the ancient wisdom and philosophies of the Tibetan Ayurveda. It uses musical tuning forks in a non-invasive way to re-align and balance the body's natural energy fields and to help clear energetic blockages.  These tuning folks are used on acupuncture points on the face, neck and around the eyes to stimulate the body's natural energies (Qi).  Because muscle groups are addressed as well as the acupuncture points, the face lifts itself, via the stimulation and through the muscle toning and tightening action. Tibetan Quartz Crystals are also used to perform a relaxing non-surgical face lift massage stimulating cell renewal and re-energise the skin whilst promoting a feeling of wellbeing with the added benefit of the healing powers of the Tibetan crystals. Tibetan Chimes and Tibetan Singing bowls are also used during the treatment.  The different techniques incorporated in this facial stimulate blood and circulation, which improves facial colour and helps tonify the underlying tissue.  Sound Therapy can be used to treat any illness or ailment or physical, emotional, as it works at a fundamental energetic level.  

Course Content & Learning Outcomes: 

  • History of Tibetan Medicine
  • History of Sound Therapy & what Sound Healing is
  • Benefits of Tingsha's, Singing Bowls and  Tuning Forks
  • History of Crystals
  • Cleansing & Re-Energising Crystals
  • The Chakra System
  • The Human Aura
  • The Meridian System
  • Acupressure Points
  • Relevant Anatomy & Physiology (Skin, lymphatic, muscles & bones of head & neck, circulatory system, the ear)
  • Consultations, contraindications, aftercare
  • Tuning fork technique
  • Treatment routine
  • Health & safety
  • Marketing


Course Structure:

  • Home Study (2-day guided learning)
  • 1 day practical
  • 3 Case Studies


Kit: To perform this treatment you will need:

  • Tibetan quartz wand
  • Tibetan quartz palm Stones x2
  • Tibetan singing bowl
  • Tibetan Chimes
  • Tuning Forks x2

Details of the kit are are provided in your home study manual

Awarding Body:  ThinkTree

CPD Points: 10


This course is available via our online platform (which would require a  Zoom observation of a treatment) or face to face at the following venues:

  • West Midlands (Tamworth)
  • SPAIN (nr Albox, Almeria)
  • In-house training available