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I have always loved all things skin-related so in 2003, I trained in beauty therapy in the USA.  Upon returning home in 2010, I started at the bottom and studied for another 8 years.  

In 2018, I opened my own business and in 2019 I became a trainer.  After completing training with Jane during the famous lockdown of 2020, I became one of her trainers.

I specialise in skin and brows.

I am looking forward to bringing Jane’s award-winning standards of training to the northwest corner of our beautiful country.   Most of all I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you be the best at what you do. 

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Section 1 of 3 - Training Course Booking Enquiry

This is a course enquiry for potential dates and locations and does not constitute a Booking until we have sent an invoice and received your Booking Fee - Please complete all areas with as much information as you can to ensure a timely response.

If you are allergic - please state and indicate if you carry an EpiPen

Section 2 of 3 - Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please read these terms and conditions, as your contract starts from the date that you book your course online and is legally binding.

Please fill in the booking form with all relevant information, this helps to prepare your certificate, and allows the tutor to see what prior knowledge you hold. If the course you are attending has pre-requisites, we will need a copy of the relevant certificate emailed to us. The course cannot go ahead until we have received this.
A non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your place and the training date is NOT confirmed until the this is received.
Once we send the invoice for the non-refundable booking fee, we hold training dates on provisional hold for a maximum of 24 hours, after which the date will be released.
Once we receive your booking fee, we will send you your home study manual and questionnaire which will need to be completed and returned to at least 4 days prior to the course date. Completion and return of the home study questionnaire is mandatory and if you fail to provide it within given time, then you will not be eligible to attend the course with no refund available. You must achieve 75% pass on the home study questionnaire in order to receive your certificate. 14 days before the course is held, full payment should be completed and paid direct to your trainer.

The non-refundable booking fee for the course needs to be paid by direct bank transfer. For the final part of the payment for the course, your tutor will provide you with details on ways in which this can be paid.
All booking fees and full course payments are STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON- TRANSFERABLE. We do, however, recognise that an attendance problem may arise, so we will allow a transfer to an alternative course provided 30 days' notice is given and a nominal £15 admin fee will be charged. If students do not attend on the day without prior notice, they will lose, or be responsible for, the full course fee.
It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the courses you apply for are suitable for your requirements and that you have the pre-requisite qualifications and the competence to be able to achieve the objectives of this course. All student information will be confidential, nor will it be disclosed to other parties.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, Jane Bryan Beauty Training accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of this website, or any information contained therein.
It is your responsibility to check that your insurance will cover you for these courses.

Courses will still run if there is only one student booked on but you may need to bring a friend or family member to practice on. We will give you at least 10 to 14 days' notice if the course is under-subscribed to give you time to find a model. Tutors will try and provide models if you are finding it difficult to bring one yourself but is not their responsibility to do so.

The booking fee is totally non-refundable. If you cannot attend the course, your booking fee will not be returned to you. You may be able to transfer to the next course date if adequate notice is given.
1-2- 1 TUITION If a student specifically requests 1-2- 1 situation, the student will need to supply model(s) to practice on (We can sometimes arrange a model for you if you are unable to find a model). It is advisable to work on someone you know as you feel more relaxed and enjoy the course more.
An additional 25% of the fee paid direct to the trainer will be applied if you specifically request 1-2-1 tuition or we travel offsite to you.

The course manual is the property of Jane Bryan Beauty Training and is protected by copyright.
You cannot reproduce any of the manual without express written permission from us. You will be in breach of contract by using the manual or teaching the subject from the manual.
The course manual is emailed to you prior to the course once you have paid the non-refundable booking fee. If you cannot print the manual off, we can post you a copy, but this will incur printing, postage and packaging costs of £15.

If you cannot attend the course, 10 days' notice must be given.
Notice of 10 days or more:-
Moving to another course date: £15 administration charge
New date and course to be re-arranged within 6 months.
Cancellation of course: booking fee is not refundable

Notice of less than 10 days
Moving to another course date: £30 administration fee
Cancellation of course: booking and training fees not refundable

Notice of less than 5 days
Moving to another course date: £60 administration fee
Cancellation of course: booking and training fees not refundable

Notice of less than 72 hours
Moving to another course date: £90 administration fee
Cancellation of course: booking and training fees not refundable

Notice of less than 48 hours
Moving to another course date: £150 administration fee
Cancellation of course: booking and training fees not refundable

In the event of a genuine reason for cancellation (proof of which may be required) a request for transfer to a later course will be considered at our discretion. Courses transferred will incur an administration fee of £15, otherwise the above charges will apply.

To practice the therapy that you have just studied by Jane Bryan Beauty Training, valid insurance is needed. Information regarding this is found in your manual. It is your responsibility to check that your existing insurance company will accept the course for insurance purposes.

Jane Bryan Beauty Training teaches courses to a high standard adhering to all health and safety standards throughout.
Certificates are given out to students who have shown competence throughout the course and submitted case studies which are deemed acceptable. However, we have the right to withhold the certificate if the tutor or training director deems the student to not have reached a competent standard. Further case studies will be set, and reassessment will be arranged. There may be an additional charge for this.
For professional standards, a certificate is awarded to show competence, but it is expected that each therapist practices at least 6-10 times before taking payment and advertising for clients.

You will be expected to turn up punctually for the course, as provided by your tutor. Any medical conditions should be discussed prior to the course and noted on your booking form. You should be prepared to give and receive treatments throughout the course to complete and be deemed competent.
Please wear comfortable clothing i.e. jogging bottoms and a tee-shirt are acceptable (no Jeans please), Flat shoes or socks for footwear. Short nails, you cannot perform most treatments with long nails, so please do not turn up with long nails as the course as you will be asked to leave. Any items left will need to be picked up. If they are posted out Jane Bryan Beauty Training holds no responsibility to them arriving and a fee will be charged for postage. Items will be kept safe for collection.
If you do not complete and return the home study questionnaire 4 days prior to the course, you will not be able to attend the course and you will lose all monies paid

In the unlikely event your training course with us does not meet your expectations, the following policy should be followed:
Stage 1: Within 24 hours of attending the course, speak to your tutor (verbally or via email) if you feel you can in a calm manner to try and resolve any issues you may have.
Stage 2: If your complaint has not been resolved within 72 hours, send in a written copy of the facts of your complaint to the Training Director: Complaints will only be taken forward in this format so please do not send them via social media or text message.
Your complaint will be investigated in full (the person you have complained about will have to be notified) and a conclusion drawn based on evidence from both parties. You will be notified with the outcome within 14 days of receipt of your complaint (assuming the tutor is not on holiday).

This course is taught to a high standard throughout, it does not diagnose medical conditions and should not be treated as a substitute for medical care. Contraindications and benefits are discussed as part of the course but are not intended to represent medical advice, nor be deemed as a treatment to cure or prevent disease.
All manuals have been checked and approved for accreditation through Towergate Health & Beauty or Associated Beauty Therapists. In the case of courses that we teach for other recognised training providers these have either been accredited by The CMA or a different accreditation provider Jane Bryan Beauty Training accept no liability for injury or loss to person or property throughout Jane Bryan Beauty Training holds no responsibility for damage caused by you to another person after you have received your training.


Section 3 of 3 - Data Protections

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